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Application tables wiper blades provided by Bottari Spa.

Application Tables of Wiper Blades are used to choose the suitable brush. The Wiper Blades offered by Bottari Spa are universal. They can therefore be installed on each car, you just need to choose the “size” appropriate. To do this, there is help in the application tables. Report the various models of cars and the details of the brushes that can be mounted.

In magazine reported the initials of car models in the table. Looking for example the brushes for a Fiat Punto will need to click on the table showing the head “F – G”. Within the table are reported in column Brand, model and year of the car while the last two columns show the size in millimeters of the brushes driver’s side and passenger side.

To understand the extent of the brushes just follow our application tables. If you do not find a specific model of car, simply measure the car brushes and try brushes with the corresponding measures between that listed.

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