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About Us

Who we are

The Bottari family’s passion for car care began in the late 1950s in Cogozzo di Viadana, in the heart of the Mantua province.
The progenitor Charles, with his family-owned business, was responsible for supplying local merchants with sponges, leathers and various accessories for vehicles care, which were hard to find in the area.

In a few years the Bottari company, from the small shed, expanded in size, headcount and commercial reach: from the Po Valley basin, it began to develop wholesale trade throughout Italy. The warehouses grew larger, and the range of items expanded to include accessories for motorcycles, bicycles and trucks.

Since the 2000s, the company’s growth has been exponential: today the proudly Italian brand is present in more than 60 countries around the world.


The company became Bottari Spa in 1996, and its pillars still today are:

  • the research and development team, which selects for customers a wide proposals variety in the auto, motorcycle and bicycle accessories sector, including niche ones
  • graphic designers, who study custom-made displays with iconic and highly recognizable designs requested by business clients who run the best-supplied stores
  • the export office
  • logistics workers
  • customer service

Furthermore, in the industry, it is also known for being a licensee of high-end brands, such as Goodyear, with its snow chains and more, a world leader in production and synonymous with durability and reliability.

Bottari Spa continues today to increase distribution efficiency, taking care of every aspect: mechanics, fuel distributors, retailers, GDO and e-commerce.

Through the online shop, customers, appreciate the know-how, best product guides, dedicated rates, timely and fast shipping, safe packaging and the always available after-sales service.

A multiple award-winning partner sponsor in sports, Bottari Spa is on the side of young people who accept CHALLENGES in terms of fair play – CORRECTNESS and FAIRNESS.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today, as in the past, the company’s strength consists in a wide range of car, motorcycle and cycle accessories, which with their iconic designs are appreciated and universally recognized as industry leaders. Bottari Spa continues to increase distribution efficiency by taking care of all aspects: logistics, packaging, research, product selection and innovation, not forgetting the marketing and communication side, including digital.

The business is driven by the proactive spirit of current owner Guido Bottari and his children Marco, Laura and Eleonora.


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“The winning key is to never stop investing, innovating, researching and above all, daring

Guido Bottari


In its third generation of entrepreneurs, Bottari Spa’s daily goal is to meet the needs of the small merchant, as well as the large retailer, the car customization enthusiast, along with young sportsmen who want only the best for their bicycles.

The company wishes to listen to and better understand customers’ needs and satisfy them with reliable, efficient and honest service.


Bottari Spa does not aspire to be the best supplier in the industry but the favourite of small, medium and large enterprises trading in car, motorbike and bicycle items. In brief, it hopes to be the first brand that comes to mind in times of need or desire, ready to provide the ideal solution for the needs of both historical and occasional customers.

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