“Never stop investing, innovating,
research and above all to dare,
in this is the winning key
in these difficult times “

Guido Bottari

bottari spa about us

Bottari select the news and the best references in the world market of auto accessories, motorcycles, bicycles and commercial vehicles. By highly specialized products, a series of products to meet the needs of a large user base. The experience and the know-how are a guarantee for new customers in the world.


With nearly 60 years of history, Bottari Spa, is a benchmark for the industry. The company of a reliable supplier worldwide of a wide range of products. Bottari Spa is able also to ensure a timely and accurate logistic service by responding to the various and changing market demands.


Bottari Spa always sells car accessories, motorcycles accessories, bicycles and commercial vehicles accessories, with the best relation between quality and price, to ensure the customer always unique driving experience, without neglecting safety, the aesthetic taste and personality.


Distribute to customers a range of products more and more complete and updated, full of novelties in tune with the times, and everything but everything you need for your car, motorcycle, bike and commercial vehicles.


A comprehensive catalog, diverse and always evolving, to be always in step with the times and meet the most demanding requirements.

Marketing e Comunication

targeted marketing strategies to offer its customers the business side all of the most effective tools and impact for exposure and promotion of the product range, while from the consumer side to convey specific and relevant products to the demands of the industry.

Research and Quality

Always looking for new products to launch on the market, taking care of the aesthetic, functional, quality and with the right attention to a correct commercial positioning

logistics specialist

Product quality and quality of service. Our logistics ensures efficient and provides the customer with an accurate service, and quickly



Bottari Spa makes use of a modern logistics platform and an extensive distribution organization able to ensure complete coverage of the Italian territory. High frequency of delivery, accuracy and speed of order processing are the key factors that characterize the company as the ideal partner.



The undisputed quality of products in the catalog Bottari Spa, has transformed the company into a reference point for all operators in the sector, interested in the continuous upgrading of the market novelties and the replenishment of the quality of its stores.



Bottari Spa studying solutions for each sales channel, especially with regard to the product packaging increasingly attractive. On request also it has an offer of exhibitors, to increase visibility and exposure to affirm the Brand within the Point of Sale.



Bottari S.p.A. It is certified EN ISO 9001: 2015. The international ISO 9001 standard for quality outlines ways to implement processes that improve operational efficiency at all levels of business by improving customer satisfaction and the company’s performance.

Certification EN ISO 9001:2015

Bottari Spa is certified CRIBIS first company. This recognition issued by CRIBIS, which specializes in providing economic information, credit scoring and solutions for business decisions, certifies Bottari Spa as a company with the highest level of reliability in terms of trade relations. The companies that have received this award represent 7.6% of total Italian enterprises.

Certification CRIBIS Prime Company
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