Windscreen Wiper
  • Spazzole tergicristallo windscreen wiper
  • Spazzole tergicristallo windscreen wiper

Windscreen Wiper

A complete and deep range of Windscreen Wiper.

An entire line of Windscreen Wiper is evolving to be universally compatible with all types of vehicles, from older to newer, developed from the center Bottari research to ensure optimum visibility in all driving conditions.

The offer is divided by more traditional wipers with metal arch structure for universal bayonet attacks, up to the most modern flexible brushes to “Flat” technology with multi adapter for universal compatibility with all the cars. They are made with a newly formulated rubber with graphite treatment, for greater resistance to heat, cold and UV rays. Last long, they are suitable for all weather conditions, even the most extreme, and ensuring a low noise over time.

Our models:

  • GOODYEAR RAIN MASTER (Flexible “flat”, single, multi adapter)
  • GOODYEAR RAIN CONTROL (Arched metal frame, single)
  • BOTTARI ELEMENT 11 (Flexible “flat”, single, multi adapter)
  • BOTTARI VISION (Arched metal frame, single)
  • BOTTARI TOP (Arched metal frame, single)
  • X-TRA UNIVERSALE (Flexible “flat”, single, multi adapter)
  • X-TRA FLAT (Flexible “flat”, single)

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